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Daniel Amber Thompson

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Daniel Amber Thompson

Post by vikingkid002 on Wed Sep 12, 2012 10:06 pm

Name: Daniel Thompson
Type:Carnival Worker, Pokemon Trainer,
Looks:Wine red hair, long sleeved black shirt, black pants, black shoes and black gloves with a black scarf.
Personality:Determined, Couragous, Goofy, Clever,
History:He worked at the Pokemon carnival that belongs to his family known as the Ruby Carnival for 4 years. Many shops and Pokemon merchandise are there, and Amber stumbles across a Pokemon shop. From there, he looks through the Pokemon, deciding to get a Pokemon to help with the carnival. He finds a neat young Zorua, and adopts it. For the next 2 years, they work at the carnival and grow a friendship. Amber teaches the Zorua english, and treats it to some candy every day. Once it learned enough English, Zorua tought Amber how to speak with Pokemon. He then learns of the story of a Pokemon Master named Red, and decides to start training to become just like him. He still occasionally works at the Carnival, when it comes that time of the month. In his free time, he trains hard to become the next Pokemon Champion, hoping to achieve greater than Red did.
Badges/Ribbons/Other achievements:N/A
Items: 3 Poke Balls
Money: $1,000


Level: 7
Moves:Pursuit, Shadow Ball,
New Trainer
New Trainer

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